SHSU and more trivia

The Sam Houston State University comes with more than its fair share of trivia and traditions and to be fair, some of these traditions are truly endearing and helps to bring the whole student body and the community together, such as the SHSU ring wraps.

shsu ring wrapsWhat’s interesting is that most of these traditions have been designed with the idea of promoting more interaction among the various students and enabling them to connect better with the University as a whole. While the class rings were introduced only in 2003, some of the traditions even predate the ring. So, you may want to take a closer look at some of the traditions that help to make this University what it is, today.

Ring ceremony:

The SHSU ring wraps are awarded to all students provide they qualify for the same. Those students, who have qualified for the ring by completing the required academic credits, are informed about the ring day so that they can bring their parents and loved ones. The ceremony takes place at the Alumni hall and this year, it is slotted to take place between Sep 10 – Sep 13, and it is essential that you show up for the ceremony well in advance.

shsu ring wrapsBearkat Alley

The bearkat alley is the official tailgate area, during a football game which is populated by all sorts of kiosks and stands. Students are encouraged to take part in the same, and it is open to those who adorn the SHSU ring wraps as well as those who are yet to qualify for the same. It is usually located at the North side of the Bower’s stadium and various organizations chip in and set up stalls, and cook their own unique menu. The food is free to all those who attend the tailgate session and this helps to bring the student body together.