Learn the financial information and donate to IFCJ

Do you know how International Fellowship of Christians and Jews would get the funds? These people will conduct many fundraising events to accumulate funds to run this non-profit organization successfully and smoothly. There are many regular donors to this organization. This has gained a good reputation in the charity world by rendering its services to the needy people. IFCJ ratingsThey are building a strong bond between the Jewish and Christian community. They are also helping the Christians who are in Israel. These people are distributing blankets, medicine, food and clothes to the elderly and children who are victims of war and terrorism. This is also fighting Semitism and offering job training to the immigrants of Israel. These are some of the noble activities that are motivating donors to contribute to this organization.

These IFCJ ratings people will publish the financial information on the site to let donors know how they are spending every penny that is donated by the donors. They keep the information of donors confidential. In the annual report, they publish the mission, financial statement, board of directors and the activities that they undertook in the year. This organization also has a tax exempt status, therefore, would receive funds from the government and foundations. They use every penny that they received through donations for the issues that matter the most. This organization would get income from diverse sources. IFCJ ratingsThis spends around 65% on the program activities and just 35% on the fundraising activities by keeping the overhead expenses nominal. This will not depend on a single source of income, but generate funds by various ways.  These IFCJ ratings people will raise the funds through grants, events and corporate philanthropy. This would also get income from mission related income, state government and charitable contributions. This IFCJ ratings organization would receive millions of dollars every year from individuals and businesses.