IFCJ – Revolutionizing Relationship between Christians and Jews

During the first centuries of the early church, the first war between the Christians and the Jews and the annihilation of the Second Temple played a major factor in the liquidation of the relationship they shared between themselves. Since then, both parties have been hostile towards each other.

In 1983, a non-profit organization named International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ) was established with the vision of promoting forbearing and cooperating relationship between the Christian and the Jews.IFCJ

What is the objective of the fellowship?

Along with harmonizing relationship between the two communities, IFCJ also aimed at building a greater support for Israel and they hope to antipode the history of dissonance between them and replace it with more accord, collaboration and verbal communication. They advocate peace on behalf the state of the Jews and help provide resources to bridge the gap of understanding between the two communities.

The main goal of IFCJ is to provide philanthropic help to the destitute people in Israel and other Jewish communities throughout the world.

IFCJ Ratings

The main use of the ratings is that it gives a clear understanding of the mission of the fellowship. It also puts across the facts which help common person to gauge the fact and conclude is IFCJ a good charity.

The ratings also help understand the accountability of the organization. With every non-profit organization, the main impediment is its financial stability and efficiency. IFCJ rating gives a clear understanding of the organization’s efficiency in terms of both stability and financial status.IFCJ

IFCJ Reviews

Every non-profit organization needs to organize fundraising events to support themselves and their cause. The reviews are a way to judge and conclude by the common people if the organization can achieve what they are aiming for. The reviews also help in understanding the working model and the governance structure maintained within IFCJ.