Hunting the Best Spas in NYC is Not as Hard as You Think

I don’t know about you but my definition of a good time at the end of the day is to go home and slip into some warm water, close my eyes, listen to amazing meditation music and let my mind unclench. To me, that is the best way to end the day. Light some aromatherapy candles and get the rock salt lamp going so you could have a full sensory experience before you go to sleep.

Well, to each his own. Everybody has a different way of relaxing.

Some people like to relax with a lot of people around them. There’s just something about the chaos and conversations around them that sets them at ease.

Other people settle down mentally, emotionally and physically when they are in complete and total silence.

Regardless of your style and regardless of your personal preferences, there’s one thing we could all agree on. When you go to a spa, there’s a good chance you would get the relaxation and mental wellness you are looking for.

Let’s face it. Every single day there are just so many things that can throw us off. There are all sorts of duties, responsibilities and obligations that stress us out and put a lot of pressure on us whether emotionally, intellectually, physically or what not.

It would be great to engage in some sort of ritual that would make all that stress and pressure go away. This is why a lot of people are looking for the best spas in NYC.

As you probably already know, New York City is not exactly a hot bed of peace, relaxation and personal harmony. There’s a lot of conflict. There’s a lot of stress. There’s a lot of hassle. It is crowded, congested and there are a lot of people shouting at a typical New York traffic scene.

It is no surprise that a lot of people are looking for calm and serenity in such circumstances. That’s why if you’re serious about looking for the best spas in NYC, you must have a system and a method.

This is my system and method. First, you have to start with your needs. Everybody’s different. Everybody has a different way of life. Everybody comes from a different background. Everybody looks at the world in different ways.

These differences are not simply on the surface. These differences do add up. This diversity can make all the difference in the world. That’s why you have to zero in on your particular personal needs.

I’m not talking about the needs of your friends. I’m not talking about the recommendations of people around you. I’m not talking about the expectations people impose on you. I’m talking about your personal needs. I’m talking about the things that make sense to you and you alone.

Second, factor in your location and personal preferences. Now that you have a clear idea what you’re looking for from a spa, the next step in determining the best spas in NYC is location and personal preferences.

Sure, a spa might fit your personality like a tight shirt, but if it’s located near the Bronx or far uptown or far downtown, you’re going to have a problem on your hands. You’re looking to relax and nothing is more stressful than having to jump into the subway and take a break you’re your normal schedule only to hassle with moving from point A to point B just to get some much-needed relaxation.

You want to go to a place that is located close enough to you.

It doesn’t really matter whether you live next to Central Park or elsewhere. It would be great to find a place that is conveniently located.

Also, don’t just look at the location.

You should also look at whether it fits your personal preferences. Are the color schemes okay? Do people report having a good time there? Do people say that it truly delivers the relaxation, serenity and inner peace that they advertise?

The problem with a lot of businesses, and I’m not just talking about businesses in New York, is that you really can’t take their word for it. After all, it isn’t their interest to talk a big game.

To keep everybody honest, check online review and blog lists. The best spas in NYC make it to blog lists of best spas. In other words, bloggers who make it their business to look for the very best spa experiences in New York City and elsewhere will list their preferred spas.

If you find a spa that’s located near you in one of those lists, then you are getting close to the right choice.

Finally, you need to cross-reference with social media comments. It doesn’t really matter whether a business has a lot of good reviews. You can throw all those good reviews down the toilet if it turns out that they’re old reviews and people currently are having a tough time with that service provider. Believe me, this happens more frequently than people care to realize.

So, do yourself big favor. Always cross-reference your choices with social media comments. There might be some late-breaking developments with the company. Maybe they hired new personal. Perhaps they changed their operational procedures. Who knows? Whatever the case may be, something changed and you really cannot rely on past reviews that they have gotten.