How to make sure that your funds are going to a reliable charity?

Are you looking for the reliable charity to take part in the philanthropist activities? Then, without waiting any longer, you need to land on the best and reliable charity IFCJ ratings sites. These IFCJ ratings sites will give rating for every charity based on their financial information, transparency and accountability. One of the charitable organizations that gained a huge popularity with its humanitarian activities and for serving needy fairly is International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis organization is working tirelessly to promote good understanding between the Christians and Jews. They also offer enough support to the Christians who are in Israel by offering job training to the immigrants of Israel.

As per IFCJ ratings, here is how you can make sure that the funds you are donating is going to the reliable charity

Pick a trustworthy charity that was established long ago: No matter whether you want to donate for the local, international or national charities, the first thing is to look for the longevity of the charity. The longer the charity is, the better it serves. Moreover, the charities that are for a long time can survive only when they are transparent enough. You can pick them by reading the reviews that are left by the donors who have donated the funds and checking the ratings that are given by the watchdog sites based on their set criteria. IFCJ ratingsThese insights will drive you to take a right decision on which charity to choose for funding.

Know how the donations are put to use: If you want to support of cause of building strong relationship between Christians and Jews and helping the victims of terrorism and war, you need to find the charitable organizations that are working for this cause.      By taking a look at the site of the charities, you can get a clear picture on how they are spending the funds and what kind of activities that are carrying out. For instance, IFCJ that donates funds to distribute hot meals and medicine to the elderly and children and offer aid to the soldiers of Israel, you can see where the money is spent by the charitable trust.