How Roberto Casula’s Association with Eni Will Face Energy Challenges

What’s burning topic in the world today? Energy crisis is what everyone is anticipating in the contemporary time. The scientists and energy professionals too have this concern, and striving hard to combat with the problem. We may depend on fossil-fuel resources for too long because they are on the verge of depletion. The oil and gas industry is also looking for alternatives to face challenges of vanishing present energy resources. The alternatives are available but there’s need to explore them. The energy scientists like Roberto Casula are greatly impressed by the solar energy but they don’t want to maintain their limit with this energy resource.

Eni and Roberto’s association to face energy challenges

The energy companies like Eni owes greater responsibilities to face energy challenges. Being an energy professional and a core professional of Eni, Roberto Casula has major role to help facing the energy challenges. The professional task of Roberto is crucial to find the ways to combat with climatic change and the energy transition. The company for which Roberto works deals with serious energy issues, and Roberto’s professional knowledge and role is important to deal with the matter. The professional profile of Roberto and his career achievements are great example to proveroberto casula why he is so important for energy industry and Eni.

Roberto’s vision for future energy

What Roberto Casula thinks and says about Eni’s responsibility and that of his own. According to him, Eni is responsible to clarify and inform the importance of the transition process to achieving the transition. He defines his own task to take care of the objective for more equitable and eco-sustainable energy future. The present challenge is to prepare a ‘low carbon’ future. Eni is the company that has capacity to share the advantages of solar energy, and to achieve most progress through technological innovations. This is what Roberto thinks in his professional role and as a visionary scientist.