How Founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews made It A Success

Humanity is in the blood of Jewish people. Jewish people take charity and philanthropy as social justice. Tzedakah, the Hebrew word, refers to charity and philanthropy. The concept of Tzedakah has great relevance for Jews. It is a belief among Jews that becoming donor is more beneficial compared to becoming a recipient. Due to being honest, self-respected, God fearing and trustworthy, Jewish community has ever helped poor and needy people in their community.

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The collaboration between the Christians and Jews for humanity is a unique idea that was put into action by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who initiated the foundation of charity, called IFCJ, using collaboration of both Christians and Jews.

What’s unique in founding of IFCJ

It is nowhere mentioned who inspiredRabbi Eckstein for this collaboration, but his courage to engage jealous Christians for the benevolent activities of Jews is highly appreciable. Founding and running the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was quite challenging because Christians could hardly accept the beliefs of Jews. When an orthodox Jew is seeking donations for the social welfare of his own community, The Christians would never accept his contention, but Eckstein’s exceptional trait could convert this impossible task into reality and he did. He did it for long 35 years.IFCJ

How the Fellowship was successful in mission

Eckstein was something of a guardian angel for thousands and millions of average Jews and Christians. He invested the funds raised mostly from Christians in the projects for the benefits of Arabs in Israel, Jews and more people. Eckstein was a visionary and had ability to keep his words in front of right people who had donating capacity. Some people could think that charity for the benefit of one specific community was not charity for social cause in real terms, but Eckstein had a mission of charity for Jews. He was committed to IFCJ, and never bothered what people thought about him.