How Book of the Month Club Awards Work?

It is the favorite time of the year not only for the book readers rather for the writers as well. During this season, the Book of the Month Club run by Chief Executive Officer, John Lippman will announce the book of the year. John Lippman

Generally, the best books are decided based on some criteria such as the content should not be stereotyped, the book should offer high quality information to the reader and the listener and the book should have an approach to teaching that compliments both the age and the individual needs of each child.

Book of the Year announced by Book of the Month Club

The book of the year was chosen unanimously by 10,000 members of the Book of the Month Club and of course with a huge appreciation by its CEO John Lippman. This year the credit goes to John Boyne’s THE HEART’S INVISIBLE FURIES. It is a deeply personal novel and received great reviews from the world’s largest community of readers. Though not a children’s novel, a different approach novel for the adults.

The book talks about the changing arrogances towards sexual freedom over the last 70 years and its furies against the churches.  The novel is told in seven-year lapse after the first segment and deals with some serious subject matter like gay criticizing, political exploitation, HIV disease and the ruthless misery of not accepting the gays in the society.

About the Author John Boyne

John Boyne is an Irish novelist, proud author of eleven adult novels and seven young reader novels. His works were published in more than 50 languages. John Lippman’s Book of the Month Club acclaimed his “THE HEART’S INVISIBLE FURIES” novel as the book of the year and honored him with $10,000 grand prize.