History of Jews in Soviet Union and the significance of IFCJ to them

During recent times the public opinion throughout the world has become quite sensitive towards the treatment of minorities in urban and progressive countries. This, however, is not as new ideology as people think it is. Uplifting these strata of society has been a topic of prime importance in many countries. Such a case is about the Jews in former Soviet Union. Jews had been subjected to hostility in the Soviet Union through much of the 20th century. According to reports, there was no way for people to have access to kosher food.IFCJ ratings

Situations changed after organizations such as IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) provided relief to these poor Jews in the form of food, medical assistance, shelter, clothing, etc. With help from them, the Jew community was once again rejuvenated and this process boosted after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

A foundation for a new synagogue was also laid in 1996. A Jewish community center, many Jewish organizations, youth movement groups and volunteer welfare organizations also sprung up. With great help from them, the Jews gave immensely positive IFCJ reviews for their development. This is why the IFCJ rating is very high and is considered to be one of the leading organizations in their field of work. As a result of situations becoming favorable, many Jews actually migrated from Central Asia and Europe to the country as a result of high IFCJ ratings.

IFCJ ratings

Thus, though a tough struggle and an era full of hardships, the Jew community has definitely faced a lot of difficult times. But with the help of organizations such as IFCJ, something which has given an answer to questions like “Is IFCJ a good charity?” The Jews have yet again shown that they can never be suppressed and will always come out on top.