General Mitchell International Airport Parking In Milwaukee Offer Great Parking Facilities

MKE airport offers the guest to avail both valet as well as self-driving services along with long term as well as short term options. All the parking lots are located in the close vicinity of the airport. Thus, the travelers can leave the cars securely in the parking lots and also avail free shuttle services which takes the guest to and from from the airport

Reservations.comA lot of 8 parking facilities are available near MKE airport. Amongst them the best rated one is Wally Park Airport Parking facility. If guest is looking for the closest parking lot to the airport then Exec Park is the best option for them to choose from the rest.

Wally Park Airport Parking lot

The local parking lot of Wally Park offers safe and secure parking areas for the visitors. The area is known for its high security maintenance. Fences, security cameras are placed throughout the area, with lot of dedicated staffs working 24×7 in various shifts to ensure the smooth services of the visitors.

Both drop off and pick up services are available for 24 hours and they are also accessible with fully handicap facilities. The shuttle services are available within every five minutes therefore travelers won’t have to wait for long in case of emergency.


Exec Park parking services are owned by a local family which has been operating in Milwaukee way back since 1979. The vehicles are parked security within the fenced areas with lots of polices in charge of taking care of the security measures when the guests are away.

Many surveillance cameras operate in the area for 24×7 and are continuously screened in the local monitors by the staffs. Those visitors who want to avail car washing and waxing are required to book in advance from