An Insight into the Life of Blake Orlandi – COO of the Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month is an enriching society for readers with history dating ninety years back. Blake Orlandi is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Book of the Month since September 2015.

Educational Background

Blake Orlandi pursued the B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Later, he went on to attend the masters in business administration or popularly called MBA course at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Career Path

After getting his degree from Harvard Business School, Mr. Orlandi joined Deloitte Consulting in the year 2006 as a business analyst. With his knowledge and practical sense, he was soon promoted to be a consultant for strategy and Operations in the year 2007. It is at this position, he ended his journey with Deloitte and moved on to find greater opportunities for framing his future.

He, then joined Evergreen Copyrights as a Manager for acquisitions and business development. With his remarkable performance, it was just within a year of his recruitment, he was promoted to become the Director of acquisitions and business development at Evergreen Copyrights.

His unfathomable thirst made him push his boundaries and work even harder. His career graph did not halt and within a year of becoming the Director at Evergreen Copyrights, Blake Orlandi quit his position and moved on with Book of the Month which after its merger is also known as Bookspan, LLC.

At Bookspan, LLC he started his journey as the senior vice president (SVP), head of media. He continued to be in this position for approximately two years after which he was given the position of the COO of the company. It has been almost four years since then.

What does he do?

As the COO of Book of the Month, Blake Orlandi leads a team of 45 members and growing. He takes care of product development, design, marketing strategies, business intelligence and operations.