Will Rabbi Eckstein’s Daughter Achieve Success in Rabbi’s Mission?

Christians and Jews, often viewed as two sides of a same coin, and two ends that can’t possibly meet. Most world no longer view one another as “the other.” The Christians were jealous to Jews and many Jews didn’t trust Christians for a reason. Humanity is a different concept, but religious leaders have their own philosophy that turn brains of the followers of those religious leaders.Yael Eckstein

It’s a different kind of politics or say religious politics that continued for several generations. In fact, Jesus himself was a Jew, and the Old testament of Christians is the Hebrew bible which is referred to by the Jews.

The fellowship of Christians and Jews

There are many similarities in the culture of Christians and Jews. For instance, Christians celebrate the preamble to Easter on Friday, Jews will celebrate the preamble to the Promised Land on this day. There are more examples like this. The founding of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) by a Jewish personality Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein for fundraising from Christians to support Jewish community is an example of Christians-Jews fellowship. The Fellowship is being managed by Rabbi’s daughter Yael Eckstein after his death.

Rabbi Eckstein’s charity mission

It shows that Jesus has done miracle by uniting two communities. Rabbi Eckstein convinced envious American Christians and raised millions of dollars to support Jews in Israel. He raised funds for many other projects, for instance, for needy elderly people of former Soviet Union (FSU), mostly from Christians. His daughter Yael Eckstein is following the footsteps of her father. Yael has now taken the charge of charity organization founded by her father 36 years ago.Yael Eckstein

What Jews deserve from Rabbi’s daughter

It’s not sure whether Yael Eckstein will exactly follow her father’s mission. Some people smell self-motive in managing this organization by the Rabbi’s daughter. Some Jews have big hopes on Yael to get increased support. Anyways, there are different views from different groups, but it’s yet to see how Yael will proceed.


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Various Important Facts about Yael Eckstein, the President of IFCJ

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of the famous Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She is the present president of the charitable foundation IFCJ that was founded by her father and has remarkable contributions towards Israel. She is also a famous writer.Yael Eckstein

Her personal life

She was born in Illinois, United States, where her parents used to stay. Yechiel Eckstein was a famous teacher there. Yael got her educational training from both Israel and America. She got her training on Biblical studies from the Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel. She completed her degree on Jewish and sociology from Queen’s College in New York. She also went to the famous Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

She was a reputed teacher in the United States and gave classes to her students on Biblical studies, Jewish studies and Sociology studies.

Yael Eckstein is married and has got 4 children. She currently resides in Jerusalem with her family and she is carrying out her social service from her motherland.

Her achievements

Yael is a famous writer and two of her books have already been published. The two books written by her are the Holy Land Reflections and the Spiritual Cooking with Yael. Both are very popular and have been loved by the readers. She is also a regular blogger and her blogs are mainly aimed to address the various problems that the people of Israel, especially the Jews are facing. She intends to use social media to make the people of Israel aware of their own country’s various issues.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is also a regular contributor to the columns of various newspapers and magazines. Her writings can be regularly found in newspapers like The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post.

She received the title of “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Makor Rishon in the year 2014 and also featured on the cover of Nashim (Women) magazine in 2015.

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Book of the Year announced by Book of the Month Club

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About the Author John Boyne

John Boyne is an Irish novelist, proud author of eleven adult novels and seven young reader novels. His works were published in more than 50 languages. John Lippman’s Book of the Month Club acclaimed his “THE HEART’S INVISIBLE FURIES” novel as the book of the year and honored him with $10,000 grand prize.