SHSU and more trivia

The Sam Houston State University comes with more than its fair share of trivia and traditions and to be fair, some of these traditions are truly endearing and helps to bring the whole student body and the community together, such as the SHSU ring wraps.

shsu ring wrapsWhat’s interesting is that most of these traditions have been designed with the idea of promoting more interaction among the various students and enabling them to connect better with the University as a whole. While the class rings were introduced only in 2003, some of the traditions even predate the ring. So, you may want to take a closer look at some of the traditions that help to make this University what it is, today.

Ring ceremony:

The SHSU ring wraps are awarded to all students provide they qualify for the same. Those students, who have qualified for the ring by completing the required academic credits, are informed about the ring day so that they can bring their parents and loved ones. The ceremony takes place at the Alumni hall and this year, it is slotted to take place between Sep 10 – Sep 13, and it is essential that you show up for the ceremony well in advance.

shsu ring wrapsBearkat Alley

The bearkat alley is the official tailgate area, during a football game which is populated by all sorts of kiosks and stands. Students are encouraged to take part in the same, and it is open to those who adorn the SHSU ring wraps as well as those who are yet to qualify for the same. It is usually located at the North side of the Bower’s stadium and various organizations chip in and set up stalls, and cook their own unique menu. The food is free to all those who attend the tailgate session and this helps to bring the student body together.

Best Enriching Places to Visit in Japan

If you are intended to visit Japan during the summer, perhaps there are several places worth adding to your itinerary. As a matter of fact, vacations and gateways set the foundation for the deep-rooted romance that can be remembered and talked about for many more years.

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However, booking services like can make your traveling less cumbersome by offering the best-filtered choice that matches your taste with unparalleled level of customer service. When booking through these sites, you are indeed going to get the best travel experience.

Top Tourist Destinations in Japan

Reservations.comTokyo– When you want to explore the great Japanese cuisine, Tokyo is the world’s best city to visit. The food is delicious and you can enjoy sumptuous quantity. The Sensoji Temple in Tokyo witness almost 30 million tourists every year. Although the most shakiest place on Earth, yet you can enjoy the amazing culture of the country in this city.

Kyoto– Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto to enjoy the most amazing cherry blossoms. Walking around the cherry blossom trees either as a family or a couple is perhaps the liveliest experience you will have in your life. Kyoto is also famous for its wonderful temples and shrines.

Mount Fuji– It is the most iconic landmark and Japan’s tallest mountain. The trails along the mountain are exquisite and you can witness the breathtaking view of the slopes.

You Will Need The Online Sites If You Want Books!

There is no doubt in the fact that when it comes to finding Solace and peace, one of the best things that can help you are books! There is no doubt in the fact that one of the best books can be your best friends during the times of distress and stress

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So why the online sites?

There are multiple reasons why the online sites are necessary to avail books:

  • The variety:

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The easy reach and delivery are two other benefits of the online sites without a doubt. You must understand that you can reach the online sites from anywhere in the world and at any time you prefer. It is one of the most important reasons why you must get through with the best sites in the first place. Of course delivering the books to your doorstep is another of the best benefits of the online sites.

These are some of the many important reasons why you must try the online sites if you want the best books for yourself. People like John Lippman will help you with some of the best books!

Will Rabbi Eckstein’s Daughter Achieve Success in Rabbi’s Mission?

Christians and Jews, often viewed as two sides of a same coin, and two ends that can’t possibly meet. Most world no longer view one another as “the other.” The Christians were jealous to Jews and many Jews didn’t trust Christians for a reason. Humanity is a different concept, but religious leaders have their own philosophy that turn brains of the followers of those religious leaders.Yael Eckstein

It’s a different kind of politics or say religious politics that continued for several generations. In fact, Jesus himself was a Jew, and the Old testament of Christians is the Hebrew bible which is referred to by the Jews.

The fellowship of Christians and Jews

There are many similarities in the culture of Christians and Jews. For instance, Christians celebrate the preamble to Easter on Friday, Jews will celebrate the preamble to the Promised Land on this day. There are more examples like this. The founding of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) by a Jewish personality Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein for fundraising from Christians to support Jewish community is an example of Christians-Jews fellowship. The Fellowship is being managed by Rabbi’s daughter Yael Eckstein after his death.

Rabbi Eckstein’s charity mission

It shows that Jesus has done miracle by uniting two communities. Rabbi Eckstein convinced envious American Christians and raised millions of dollars to support Jews in Israel. He raised funds for many other projects, for instance, for needy elderly people of former Soviet Union (FSU), mostly from Christians. His daughter Yael Eckstein is following the footsteps of her father. Yael has now taken the charge of charity organization founded by her father 36 years ago.Yael Eckstein

What Jews deserve from Rabbi’s daughter

It’s not sure whether Yael Eckstein will exactly follow her father’s mission. Some people smell self-motive in managing this organization by the Rabbi’s daughter. Some Jews have big hopes on Yael to get increased support. Anyways, there are different views from different groups, but it’s yet to see how Yael will proceed.


Blake Orlandi: COO of Book of the Month

Blake Orlandi is the COO of the Book of the Month ecommerce subscription company that was established long ago, but has entered into ecommerce business in 2016. Blake Orlandi who resides in New York travels to Manhattan city where the company is located. He usually takes train, but due to the temporary shutdown of the L train services for over 18 months, he is planning to switch to cab services. The COO is striving hard to take the company to newer heights. He is leading a team of 45 people and overseeing various departments, including business intelligence, marketing, product, design and operations.

Blake Orlandi has been working with Book of the Month since September 2015 as the COO. He is also working in the capacity of COO with Bookspan, LLC since November 2012. He joined as the SVP, head of Media department and was promoted to the COO role. Prior to joining this company, he worked with Evergreen copyrights in different roles. He joined the copy as Manager for the Acquisitions and Business development team and was promoted as the director of the same department in the year 2009. Soon after completion of his engineering degree, he joined Deloitte Consulting as a Business Analyst and soon rose to Consultant position. He joined this company in 2006. He took a break in this professional career from 2010 to 2012 to pursue his Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and passed out with flying colors.

Blake Orlandi has received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in the year 2005. He achieved good percentage in the Engineering. Apart from professional experience, he also works as a volunteer for Every child Inc, which is a charitable organization that is working towards the welfare and development of children. He worked as one of the board of directors of this non-profit organization for 2 years.


Various Important Facts about Yael Eckstein, the President of IFCJ

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of the famous Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She is the present president of the charitable foundation IFCJ that was founded by her father and has remarkable contributions towards Israel. She is also a famous writer.Yael Eckstein

Her personal life

She was born in Illinois, United States, where her parents used to stay. Yechiel Eckstein was a famous teacher there. Yael got her educational training from both Israel and America. She got her training on Biblical studies from the Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel. She completed her degree on Jewish and sociology from Queen’s College in New York. She also went to the famous Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

She was a reputed teacher in the United States and gave classes to her students on Biblical studies, Jewish studies and Sociology studies.

Yael Eckstein is married and has got 4 children. She currently resides in Jerusalem with her family and she is carrying out her social service from her motherland.

Her achievements

Yael is a famous writer and two of her books have already been published. The two books written by her are the Holy Land Reflections and the Spiritual Cooking with Yael. Both are very popular and have been loved by the readers. She is also a regular blogger and her blogs are mainly aimed to address the various problems that the people of Israel, especially the Jews are facing. She intends to use social media to make the people of Israel aware of their own country’s various issues.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is also a regular contributor to the columns of various newspapers and magazines. Her writings can be regularly found in newspapers like The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post.

She received the title of “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Makor Rishon in the year 2014 and also featured on the cover of Nashim (Women) magazine in 2015.

How Book of the Month Club Awards Work?

It is the favorite time of the year not only for the book readers rather for the writers as well. During this season, the Book of the Month Club run by Chief Executive Officer, John Lippman will announce the book of the year. John Lippman

Generally, the best books are decided based on some criteria such as the content should not be stereotyped, the book should offer high quality information to the reader and the listener and the book should have an approach to teaching that compliments both the age and the individual needs of each child.

Book of the Year announced by Book of the Month Club

The book of the year was chosen unanimously by 10,000 members of the Book of the Month Club and of course with a huge appreciation by its CEO John Lippman. This year the credit goes to John Boyne’s THE HEART’S INVISIBLE FURIES. It is a deeply personal novel and received great reviews from the world’s largest community of readers. Though not a children’s novel, a different approach novel for the adults.

The book talks about the changing arrogances towards sexual freedom over the last 70 years and its furies against the churches.  The novel is told in seven-year lapse after the first segment and deals with some serious subject matter like gay criticizing, political exploitation, HIV disease and the ruthless misery of not accepting the gays in the society.

About the Author John Boyne

John Boyne is an Irish novelist, proud author of eleven adult novels and seven young reader novels. His works were published in more than 50 languages. John Lippman’s Book of the Month Club acclaimed his “THE HEART’S INVISIBLE FURIES” novel as the book of the year and honored him with $10,000 grand prize.

Roberto Casula’s Contribution to the Growth of Eni

Born in Cagliari, in 1962, Roberto Casula grew up to pursue mining engineering. After graduating, he joined Eni in the year 1988 as a reservoir engineer. His journey with Eni has been an absolute stunner and young people who want to become mining engineers are motivated and influenced by his journey.

Roberto CasulaHow did he plan for Eni’s success?

Over the years, Roberto Casula went on to take managerial positions from being just an engineer. It was then that he started focusing on the development, operations and technology department of Eni. It was not until the year 2014, that he along with his colleagues brought about an organizational reshuffling at Eni to focus on making the business fully integrated and gave up the old 3+1 silo model. They ensured to get down with duplication of responsibilities for their staff.

This decision by Roberto Casula and his peers made Eni a cost-effective company. The different branches at Eni were now integrated and working together and there were more synergies across the company than before.

Roberto successfully led a team to come up with the model to make this reshuffling successful and secure Eni’s future as an energy company.

How did Roberto bring his ideas to life?roberto casula

For Roberto Casula, curiosity is the driving force. He drew inspiration from everything around him – books, academics, discussions and even golf. It was his curious mind that pushed him to find the solutions to unanswered questions about technical challenges.

What is major contributing factor to Eni’s growth?

Eni’s fortune changed with the change in its existing contractual strategy for their projects. Roberto and his peers took the decision of breaking down a project in sub tasks and this helped them have a better control over all aspects – engineering, product management and procurement.  This enabled them to finish projects in a shorter span of time and with lesser investment of money.

An Insight into the Life of Blake Orlandi – COO of the Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month is an enriching society for readers with history dating ninety years back. Blake Orlandi is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Book of the Month since September 2015.

Educational Background

Blake Orlandi pursued the B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Later, he went on to attend the masters in business administration or popularly called MBA course at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Career Path

After getting his degree from Harvard Business School, Mr. Orlandi joined Deloitte Consulting in the year 2006 as a business analyst. With his knowledge and practical sense, he was soon promoted to be a consultant for strategy and Operations in the year 2007. It is at this position, he ended his journey with Deloitte and moved on to find greater opportunities for framing his future.

He, then joined Evergreen Copyrights as a Manager for acquisitions and business development. With his remarkable performance, it was just within a year of his recruitment, he was promoted to become the Director of acquisitions and business development at Evergreen Copyrights.

His unfathomable thirst made him push his boundaries and work even harder. His career graph did not halt and within a year of becoming the Director at Evergreen Copyrights, Blake Orlandi quit his position and moved on with Book of the Month which after its merger is also known as Bookspan, LLC.

At Bookspan, LLC he started his journey as the senior vice president (SVP), head of media. He continued to be in this position for approximately two years after which he was given the position of the COO of the company. It has been almost four years since then.

What does he do?

As the COO of Book of the Month, Blake Orlandi leads a team of 45 members and growing. He takes care of product development, design, marketing strategies, business intelligence and operations.

What is the Importance of IFCJ Ratings?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, popularly known as IFCJ is an organization with the motive of promoting harmony between people of Christian and Jewish origins. They focus on building trust and better the relationship between Christians and Jewish people that have been hostile for centuries.

What is the mission of IFCJ?

IFCJ ratingsIn the year 1983, IFCJ came into existence to advocate cooperation and concord between Christians and Jews. They also focus on rebuilding the support and strength for Israel. They believe that the hostile relationship between the Christians and the Jews which have been prevalent for centuries can be done away with and replaced with a cooperative and understanding relationship.

Who founded IFCJ?

Founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of the best non-profit organizations among four hundred other such organizations in the United States of America. It accounts for raising more than $127 million annually from its Christian donors whose average number today stands at 1.75 million Christians and is ever increasing. IFCJ is reputed to be the largest non-profit organization supported by the maximum number of Christian supporters and donors who have the only objective of standing beside Israel and the Jews all over the world.

What is IFCJ ratings?

IFCJ ratingsTo be able to carry out their missions, any non-profit organization needs donations. For a voluntary donor to donate money to the organization, they need to form a clear understanding about the working framework and their financial status. And ratings from independent sources are the best to provide a clear and neutral knowledge about the same.

IFCJ ratings from third-party and independent sources help present a better understanding about the financial status, accountability and transparent outlook of IFCJ to probable donors. These IFCJ ratings form the basis of an unbiased review which helps people take the decision pertaining to making donations to the IFCJ.


The Advantages You Get On Booking a Hotel Online

One of the greatest boons of technology today is the facility of booking a hotel online. The travel lovers have a lot of advantage as they do not have to search for hotels physically on reaching their destination, instead, they can choose from the best options available on the internet.

Reservations.comA vacation is meant to be stress-free but the tension of finding a decent hotel sometimes ruins the vacation. Not anymore as you can select the best hotel and book it online. You can also pay online. Therefore, you just need to pack your bags and leave for the vacation without any headache.

Choosing from multiple options

Any online hotel booking site displays a lot of options for hotels in any particular location. They also display the various amenities that are available in those hotels. Information like check-in time and check-out time; nearby communications like railway station, airport; route map; etc are displayed. There is also information like whether the hotel provides facilities like laundry service, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, running hot water,

You can also compare the price of various hotels and choose the best one at a cheaper cost. Every hotel’s price chart is provided with the amount of tax that needs to be paid. Check all of them and then book the one which you find pocket-friendly.

Finding all the above by knocking at every hotel would be a really tough job, but thanks to the online sites, things are made really easy now.

Heavy discounts available online

One more advantage of booking hotels online is the heavy discounts that you get. There are many sites that always provide a good amount of discount on any hotel booking of yours. One such site is

Therefore, the next time you plan a trip; do not forget to get your hotels booked online.

How to make sure that your funds are going to a reliable charity?

Are you looking for the reliable charity to take part in the philanthropist activities? Then, without waiting any longer, you need to land on the best and reliable charity IFCJ ratings sites. These IFCJ ratings sites will give rating for every charity based on their financial information, transparency and accountability. One of the charitable organizations that gained a huge popularity with its humanitarian activities and for serving needy fairly is International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis organization is working tirelessly to promote good understanding between the Christians and Jews. They also offer enough support to the Christians who are in Israel by offering job training to the immigrants of Israel.

As per IFCJ ratings, here is how you can make sure that the funds you are donating is going to the reliable charity

Pick a trustworthy charity that was established long ago: No matter whether you want to donate for the local, international or national charities, the first thing is to look for the longevity of the charity. The longer the charity is, the better it serves. Moreover, the charities that are for a long time can survive only when they are transparent enough. You can pick them by reading the reviews that are left by the donors who have donated the funds and checking the ratings that are given by the watchdog sites based on their set criteria. IFCJ ratingsThese insights will drive you to take a right decision on which charity to choose for funding.

Know how the donations are put to use: If you want to support of cause of building strong relationship between Christians and Jews and helping the victims of terrorism and war, you need to find the charitable organizations that are working for this cause.      By taking a look at the site of the charities, you can get a clear picture on how they are spending the funds and what kind of activities that are carrying out. For instance, IFCJ that donates funds to distribute hot meals and medicine to the elderly and children and offer aid to the soldiers of Israel, you can see where the money is spent by the charitable trust.

How Roberto Casula’s Association with Eni Will Face Energy Challenges

What’s burning topic in the world today? Energy crisis is what everyone is anticipating in the contemporary time. The scientists and energy professionals too have this concern, and striving hard to combat with the problem. We may depend on fossil-fuel resources for too long because they are on the verge of depletion. The oil and gas industry is also looking for alternatives to face challenges of vanishing present energy resources. The alternatives are available but there’s need to explore them. The energy scientists like Roberto Casula are greatly impressed by the solar energy but they don’t want to maintain their limit with this energy resource.

Eni and Roberto’s association to face energy challenges

The energy companies like Eni owes greater responsibilities to face energy challenges. Being an energy professional and a core professional of Eni, Roberto Casula has major role to help facing the energy challenges. The professional task of Roberto is crucial to find the ways to combat with climatic change and the energy transition. The company for which Roberto works deals with serious energy issues, and Roberto’s professional knowledge and role is important to deal with the matter. The professional profile of Roberto and his career achievements are great example to proveroberto casula why he is so important for energy industry and Eni.

Roberto’s vision for future energy

What Roberto Casula thinks and says about Eni’s responsibility and that of his own. According to him, Eni is responsible to clarify and inform the importance of the transition process to achieving the transition. He defines his own task to take care of the objective for more equitable and eco-sustainable energy future. The present challenge is to prepare a ‘low carbon’ future. Eni is the company that has capacity to share the advantages of solar energy, and to achieve most progress through technological innovations. This is what Roberto thinks in his professional role and as a visionary scientist.

How Founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews made It A Success

Humanity is in the blood of Jewish people. Jewish people take charity and philanthropy as social justice. Tzedakah, the Hebrew word, refers to charity and philanthropy. The concept of Tzedakah has great relevance for Jews. It is a belief among Jews that becoming donor is more beneficial compared to becoming a recipient. Due to being honest, self-respected, God fearing and trustworthy, Jewish community has ever helped poor and needy people in their community.

elderly woman, red sweater , food box

The collaboration between the Christians and Jews for humanity is a unique idea that was put into action by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who initiated the foundation of charity, called IFCJ, using collaboration of both Christians and Jews.

What’s unique in founding of IFCJ

It is nowhere mentioned who inspiredRabbi Eckstein for this collaboration, but his courage to engage jealous Christians for the benevolent activities of Jews is highly appreciable. Founding and running the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was quite challenging because Christians could hardly accept the beliefs of Jews. When an orthodox Jew is seeking donations for the social welfare of his own community, The Christians would never accept his contention, but Eckstein’s exceptional trait could convert this impossible task into reality and he did. He did it for long 35 years.IFCJ

How the Fellowship was successful in mission

Eckstein was something of a guardian angel for thousands and millions of average Jews and Christians. He invested the funds raised mostly from Christians in the projects for the benefits of Arabs in Israel, Jews and more people. Eckstein was a visionary and had ability to keep his words in front of right people who had donating capacity. Some people could think that charity for the benefit of one specific community was not charity for social cause in real terms, but Eckstein had a mission of charity for Jews. He was committed to IFCJ, and never bothered what people thought about him.

The modern way to book hotels using social media

Modern life has become easier and people around the world communicating and sharing the information through the internet. Actually, Now a day’s internet is a boon to explore the products based on the people are willing to buy and marketing them through digital marketing and social media.

Social media continues to play a key role in today’s world. The social media platform has its own creating methods and purpose to make that important. One of the biggest and most powerful social networks is Facebook. In Facebook, if we post a message or any video it spreads like fire within Mille seconds, not only facebook we can use Twitter, YouTube.
Benefits of using social media for hotel booking System

You can very well understand that in today’s world how social media is important. We can promote our business through social media channels. One of the main important businesses on social media is hotels. People are showing their interest in traveling and destination weddings also looking forward to sharing the memories with their friends and also some of the corporate companies will arrange a business meeting in hotels by using the sites. They will make sure to track on each reservation and all detail information. It is the best platform because it has many important factors and also you can easily book the hotel or room through the website. It also shows information about hotels and the particular area. You can also select the hotel according to your interests. The information posted on these sites is passing through million users across worldwide. Most of the people trust by their surrounded people and reviews and ratings of the hotels and they make sure use this information and according to the information plan their traveling.

Learn the financial information and donate to IFCJ

Do you know how International Fellowship of Christians and Jews would get the funds? These people will conduct many fundraising events to accumulate funds to run this non-profit organization successfully and smoothly. There are many regular donors to this organization. This has gained a good reputation in the charity world by rendering its services to the needy people. IFCJ ratingsThey are building a strong bond between the Jewish and Christian community. They are also helping the Christians who are in Israel. These people are distributing blankets, medicine, food and clothes to the elderly and children who are victims of war and terrorism. This is also fighting Semitism and offering job training to the immigrants of Israel. These are some of the noble activities that are motivating donors to contribute to this organization.

These IFCJ ratings people will publish the financial information on the site to let donors know how they are spending every penny that is donated by the donors. They keep the information of donors confidential. In the annual report, they publish the mission, financial statement, board of directors and the activities that they undertook in the year. This organization also has a tax exempt status, therefore, would receive funds from the government and foundations. They use every penny that they received through donations for the issues that matter the most. This organization would get income from diverse sources. IFCJ ratingsThis spends around 65% on the program activities and just 35% on the fundraising activities by keeping the overhead expenses nominal. This will not depend on a single source of income, but generate funds by various ways.  These IFCJ ratings people will raise the funds through grants, events and corporate philanthropy. This would also get income from mission related income, state government and charitable contributions. This IFCJ ratings organization would receive millions of dollars every year from individuals and businesses.