What Is Turntable & How to Buy This Gadget

A turntable is disc-shaped rotating platform of a phonograph, a device for playing sound recordings. The phonograph is also known by other names such as turntable, record player, gramophone, etc. When we refer to phonograph, it is a device for mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. Gramophone was a popular name for this device since 1940s and as a trade mark which was being used since 1987.This name was used in UK since 1910 as generic name.

Evolution of a turntable

audio geek hubThe invention of phonograph dates back to 1877. Thomas Elva Edison and other inventors were figures behind this invention, but Edison was the key figure and his phonograph was the first which had ability to reproduce the recorded sound. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of telephone, made many improvements in 1880s in the protocol of phonograph originally produced and actually introduced gramophone in this world. Later in 1890s, Emile Berliner made a transition by replacing phonograph cylinders to flat discs and these players were called disc players. The phonograph was known by different names at different intervals. After several improvements, the turntable came in its recent form, as we see. These modifications were induced in its sound and equalization system, the needle or stylus, and drive system.

Guide to buy a best turntableaudio geek hub

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